Here it is folks- the first shots of the bare belly (mind you these are not on facebook or myspace, as I don’t want the entire world to see them, but they are for my close friends)!

I am absolutely loving watching my belly grow and feeling Baby Drumm (now nicknamed EJ for Eric & Jen) kick, wriggle, and move within me. I can’t even try to describe the feeling, but it is incredible! I so wish I could have a camera capturing his/her every move so I know what’s going on when I’m feeling certain things. I am convinced that today s/he rolled over while I was at work- I had the biggest smile on my face feeling all that movement. EJ is kicking right now- just gave Daddy two big kicks when he said hi. Cuteness!

As my dear hubby just reminded me, I want to be asleep by 10 (and it’s now 9:28), so I am going to make this post short. EJ says hi and he/she can’t wait to meet all of you!!