My suitcase is (just about) packed, and I’ll be on the way to Boston in less than 24 hours! Fun stuff! Off to the Dr’s tomorrow morning for my monthly checkup, to work, then back home. I’ll finalize packing, and a dinner to BJs with Becky, Bryan, myself & the significant others before heading off to the airport. Yeah for comfy clothes and our 1st Class Sleeper pillows! Yes, we are that cheesy and ordered something that is in SkyMall- we ordered it off a travel website, but yes, it is the same thing many of you have probably seen in a SkyMall on some flight to some fun place. 🙂

In other news, as I’m about to head to bed, I am SO TIRED OF POLITICAL ADS! Two just played in a row. This one has a baby in it and people don’t like it. Should be an interesting election day in Seattle, as we have a re-run of the closest gubernatorial race in history that took place 4 years ago. Fascinating stuff here, fascinating.

Allllrighty, time for me to hit the sack- it’s way too past my bedtime! But, I do get to sleep in a bit in the morning because my Dr’s appt isn’t until 9:20- hooray!

See all my Boston friends in 2-3 days!!!