Back again! I have been slacking on my blogging a bit- sorry about that! It’s my second day in week 17, which is super exciting. Eric and I have another Dr. Appt this Thursday- we’ll try to record baby Drumm’s heartbeat and post it online! Also, I got a digital camera from Eric for my birthday- can’t wait to use it in Boston! Speaking of Boston, I’ll be there in 5 days! Hooray! Can’t wait to see my New England friends!

In terms of becoming a Mommy, I have been eating more, which is great, my tummy is getting bigger, and I have remained sick-free! Today did bring a bit of queasiness, but not anything too bad. I’m waiting to feel baby Drumm move- can’t wait for that! I’ll be sure to post about that when it happens (I am excited to feel it, although we’ll see about when it becomes kicks, punches, and other crazy moves when s/he gets bigger!)

Have a great start of the week!