I got back from Missouri last night after spending a great weekend with my Gammy, Grandpa Frank, Mom, Dad & Jus, Aunt Terri & Bruce, Aunt Lauri & Leonard, Unky Funky & LaVerne, cousins Dana, Jeffrey, Joey, & Tiffany, and cousin kids Destiny, Andrea, Jade, and Ethan. Good times! Everyone wasn’t around all weekend (thank goodness- lots of people in one house!) but we were all together for Saturday night’s dinner for my Gammy’s 80th birthday! Memorable line of the weekend: when asked what the key was to a long, happy life, Gammy replied “Having three husbands!” My oh my Gammy!

Baby Drumm enjoyed southern cooking this weekend, including Steak & Shake burgers, homemade biscuits & gravy, White Castle sliders, homemade enchiladas & tacos, cake, eggs & bacon, more biscuits & gravy, Lamberts Cafe (including fried okra, sorghum <thick warmed molasses>, hot dinner rolls <thrown at you from across the room>, fried chicken, chicken salad, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes <with white & brown gravy>, sweet potatoes & brown sugar, green beans, corn, AND sweet tea), and eventually rounding out the weekend with a bit more biscuits & gravy before hitting the road on Monday morning. Needless to say, I have been getting my appetite back, but my stomach still isn’t at full strength like my mind thinks it is, so I was feeling a bit blah Sunday night & Monday morning.

This morning marks 2 weeks of being sick free- hooray!!! My tummy is getting bigger and I will post pics soon! 🙂 Baby Drumm says hi!