Hi friends, It’s Tuesday night and Eric and I are romantically eating ramen together (oohs and aahs inserted here). Here are the pros and cons of the day, in no particular order:


  • Today’s weather was fantastically gorgeous- crisp, full of sunshine, and a beautiful depiction of fall!
  • I got to wear my new maternity pants today ($20 at Target- cute and comfy!)
  • Eric painted Baby Drumm’s room and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! It is all teal, and I have been searching online all evening for inspiration as to the designs for brown over the teal.
  • I got a carpool pass today with my friend Alissa who is a UW freshman, and we are in the Central Garage! This is a huge deal, as it is super close to my office and underground, which is great considering the rain will be upon us soon. 🙂
  • I went out to lunch to Finn McCool’s with Becky and Bryan and ate half a club sandwich, fries, a coke, and frozen yogurt with crushed oreos! Woohoo!
  • I got free food at a 4:00 meeting today from Schultzy’s, one of our faves on the AVE.
  • We got a free storm door from Freecycle
  • It was an overall relaxing day, yet I got a lot done.


  • I got sick this morning- boo
  • This evening went by way too quickly

Not bad, eh? Love and miss you all!