So I was counting the hours of feeling good (I was at a whopping 3 hours) when Eric and I went to IHOP for some food. I wasn’t feeling too great, but figured it would be good to get out of the house and some food in my belly. I went downhill quickly in the car, and was feeling gross by the time we got there. We walked to IHOP and found out it is opening tomorrow (bummer, because I was going to use their restroom). We decided to walk to Panera Bread, and not even halfway there it was time. Mind you, we’re outside in the cold at a strip-mall shopping center not close to a place with handy bathrooms. There was a planter and a covered garbage can by me, and I chose the garbage can (with amazing aim, as Eric told me he was going to give me a sharpshooter award for my efforts). Thank goodness two moms with kids (and one with another in the oven) were the only ones walking around, and they looked sympathetically at Eric and said they totally understood what I was going through. Hooray for the sisterhood of moms! 🙂

So that was our adventure early this afternoon. I have been on and off since then, and right now a bit off, but keeping everything down, thank goodness. I had to share the hillarity of this story with you, as I almost sent a text message with this story right after it happened (thank goodness I was able to laugh at the situation right away). Pregnancy is so so so fun. I can’t wait for the real fun (i.e. not getting sick) to begin, like, tomorrow!