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Baby Drumm 2 update

Here’s a glimpse into the past 2 months (and we’ll just ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged in oh, forever and a day):

8/19 Positive test! Had to work orientation and made Eric a congratulations card. We both felt incredibly excited, a tad nervous, and like a dream had come true.

9/5 Nausea sneaks up on me, slowly creeping into my tummy and covering me in exhaustion. I realize sadly that this timing is much earlier than it was with Charis. Boo.

9/9 We tell grandparents and everyone is psyched for Charis to graduate to big sister! Still green.

9/12 My mom comes into town and I’m as sick as a dog. Still hanging in at work, but by a thread.

9/14 Make an appt with a highly recommended OBGYN in town for Monday, thank goodness! Mom picks up OTC nausea items for me and I cave and leave work early.

9/15-16 The weekend is spent barely leaving my bed except to get sick. I tried to keep down liquids as much as possible, but foods were just not cutting it.

9/17 Called in sick to work and attempted to shower before going to the Dr. Got sick in the shower (thankfully into my handy dandy pink cup from the hospital when I gave birth to Charis, ironic)- feeling so gross and exhausted. Doc prescribes zofran, they run some blood tests, I realize I have lost 8 pounds, and I head back home to take my magic pills. They don’t work immediately, but am not sure what to expect.

9/17 I stay home again as I’m still feeling horrible and getting sick. I call the Dr office to ask the nurse if zofran takes a day or so to kick in, as I have been on top of taking it when needed, but am not seeing an improvement. On a positive note, we get an ultrasound to rule out a molar pregnancy or twins and see a heartbeat- made me cry. I try to rest the rest of the day and not move, and doc calls later with orders to go to the hospital to get an IV. My mom takes me and we hang out for 4 hours in the labor & delivery unit to get two bags of goodness. The nurse tells me she has read about people like me but never dealt with it in person. Apparently I’m in the cool club of less than 2% of pregnant women diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Cool, right?? My mom has to leave for a bit and I hang out and rest by myself while Eric is at work. My amazing lifegroup stops by to say hi and pray over me- amazing!! I feel more like a human when I leave and am very thankful for modern medicine.

9/18 Feeling like a human continues a bit (as well as getting sick and taking zofran, my 2 new pals), so I attempt a bit of work. I last awhile until it’s just too much and head home.

9/19 Follow up doc appt and he orders me back into the hospital for round 2 of IVs. I make a pit stop at work to tell my boss and head back to l’hopital. Eric joins me this time and announces we’re here for happy hour. Ah, my crafty hubby, attempting to make me smile. We hang out together for 4 hours and I pray that I won’t be here again until this baby makes his/her debut! I leave once again feeling a bit better and attempt some saltines and they stay down. Big progress.

I managed to work the next two days, not moving as much as possible. Eric’s parents came into town on the 23rd and my mom stayed until the 25th. My dad arrived on the 28th for the weekend, and he and Eric’s parents left on the 1st and 2nd. Having such love around me and wonderful help was incredibly amazing and I am truly thankful. I still felt icky but did make some improvements, especially after my Father in Law prayed over me on the 25th. I truly believe God helped to heal me, as I didn’t need to go back into get any other IVs, and the extreme severity of the nausea was capped a bit.

I have been able to work since then and enjoying my relaxing evenings in my new recliner Eric got me for my birthday! I continued to get sick on a daily basis and my nausea lingered like a bad habit, though. As of today, the nausea is a tad bit at bay but I’m a bit hesitant to say I’m in the clear. I have had 3 rounds of 2 days in a row of not getting sick, only for it to come back with a vengeance the following day. I’m thankful for the moments where I feel somewhat normal and am hoping and praying that the good times will increase as the bad decrease.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again yesterday makes it all worth it, just like the pains of labor disappear once the sweet baby is in your arms. Here’s to a wonderful and exciting next 27ish weeks!!


Two weeks after the walk

It’s been two weeks since we walked from the house. While I have been somewhat disappointed over the loss, I have truly felt a weight lift from my shoulders- mainly relief that we won’t be uncovering the many “what-ifs” that were being uncovered. I have slept at night, enjoying the relief except for that nagging little thing called “where are we going to be living in a month??”- that was quite the downer in this process.

We looked at several places (even one place to buy- it felt like a rebound house romance, but we decided to focus on renting now) and weren’t thrilled with anything. We knew we wanted a bigger place, but didn’t want to be stuck with a huge rent amount each month, as we want to be in the best financial situation possible for when we do enter into the house buying process again.

Eric was chatting with our friend at church and mentioned we were looking for a place to rent. He mentioned that he happened to be trying to rent a house that he owns. We looked at it that night and made a decision 3 days later- that will be our new rental! He has been incredible- we can move in before the end of the month (as we have to be out by the 29th because the carpets are getting cleaned that morning), he ripped out the downstairs carpet today and let me choose the new one that is being installed, and we can do fun stuff like paint (yes, I’m a home decorating nerd- I like that stuff).

All in all, I’m really happy with where we will be going. Renting in the traditional manner has been challenging after working on our Seattle house- Eric and I like doing projects here and there, and we’ll certainly be able to do that here- it was built in 1923 and is quite funky! Fun times ahead for the Drumm fam, as usual!

I’m walking away

…from the troubles in my life, I’m walking away, oh, to find a better day.

Quick- who can name the artist? Yup, Craig David. Check out the link below for the ironic opening of the music video:

Walking Away video- YouTube

Funny, eh? A ceiling that crashes down because of a little leak? The irony that such a small incident can lead to much larger issues? I might be sarcastically breathing in a sigh of relief- Eric and I walked away from the house. Unless the bank comes back with an incredible deal that we can’t refuse, we’re saying adieu to 38169 W US Hwy 50. We found out that the septic tank is quite old and is nearing the end of its term. Replacement cost? 12K.

Setback, roadblock, closed door- whatever word of choice that we have used throughout this home buying process, this was the final and most ironic of them all. Why? The other day we found out we had to test the septic and I told Eric that if it brings up a $10,000 issue, then I would be satisfied with the cost of the septic test. Ha. Who’s laughing now? Actually, I can laugh a little and be thankful because we didn’t have to shell out the $500 to test it- our realtor talked with the engineer who has worked on the septic system in the past. He was the one to divulge that information.

So here we are. Our condo will be rented out as of December 23rd, so we’re on the lookout for rentals once again (this is a good thing, as we didn’t want to live in our condo again- our landlord is increasing the rent $125/mo and I’m just tired of some issues that we have faced while living here). I have found relief and peace with this decision, knowing that the unknown of what else could be wrong with the house has now disappeared. I am slightly disappointed and sad at coming so close to closing on the house, being homeowners, and dreaming of making it mine. Yes, the other night I literally fell asleep thinking about how I was going to paint the living room (light grey walls and light teal accents with new white baseboards and new laminate flooring if you ask).

As I type, Eric has been texting me:

“Sad inside, I know it’s the right thing but I’m sad”

And later:

“Still sad”

And I can’t argue with him, yet I’m finding myself extremely rational about the whole situation right now. Maybe it’s because I’m past the emotional part, or maybe it will hit me two days from now. I don’t know. I do know that I am tired of being on this crazy rollercoaster. I feel like I have been walking through a fog for the past couple of months with this indecision and uncertainty and I don’t like it.

Deep breath. So there you have it. As to where we’ll be 37 days from now, only God knows. But I have faith in that, as He’s gotten us through so much in our life. I’m working hard on clinging to that and to Him right now.



Deep breath…. deep breath. Hi my friends. I’m here to tell you that I won’t be sharing any news about the house right now. I know, it’s a tad bit disappointing, but it’s been quite the crazy day and Eric and I are sleeping on a couple of things before we’re at 100% with all that’s been presented. I’m hoping for a nice night’s sleep, so off to bed I go!

About a house

Today (technically yesterday since it’s 12:26am. <Yes, I was on Pinterest and found a blog and read like 36 blog posts. I promise I’ll go to bed as soon as I’m done with this post.>) was our 2nd closing date. We still haven’t closed on the house. Supposedly the water pressure was being tested today and the septic will be tested tomorrow (sure, another $500 out the door… who’s keeping track anymore?). If all goes well, we might be closing by next Tuesday. Closing date number three.

In other news, a guy who looked at our condo is interested in taking over our lease. On December 23rd. 8 days before our lease runs out. Oh well, at least we’ll save a bit of money for the aforementioned monies being poured into the house buying process.

In other other news, Eric and I may have settled on a flooring we both really like. My non-negotiables for moving into a former-college thrashed house are new flooring and paint on the top floor . Happy wife, happy life.

As promised, I will deliver more news when it is here. As for tomorrow (today), who knows what it will bring, and I don’t like sharing the unknown, which is what we have been dealing with for quite some time. In the midst of the chaos, I think I have scared off my coworker from ever wanting to buy a house. Oops.


Just a bit of a rant for me here… We’re less than two weeks away from our closing date for the house and it’s been slightly stressful getting all the information finalized and ready to go. I left work nearly in tears and am now cuddling with Carebear, which certainly takes stress away from me.
I’m hoping we’ll have more finalized information soon, yet I feel like that has become my mantra over the past couple of months.
So that’s where we are. Waiting, trying not to worry, and praying.

House Hunting part deux

So remember when I told you a little while ago that we were going to bow out of the house search process for a bit? Well, you know, that time frame was just a tad bit shorter than I expected.

We quickly realized that the Highway House was a great deal, has an awesome amount of room, and although it does need some work, it would be worth it. We got back in the saddle and we’re under contract! Exciting times, yet we still need to get past the home inspection. With a 50 year old house, you never know what you’re going to get!

Tidbits of Baby Girl

Yes, yes, Charis is two and she is no longer my baby girl, but she’ll always be my baby! She’s certainly my big girl and I wanted to jot down some memories that I’m sure will fade as the time continues to fly. Enjoy!

Charis talks a ton, and her favorite words include:

  • funduh (thunder)- whenever she hears something loud she says “hear dat?” and cocks her head sideways to listen harder. She often guesses that loud noises are thunder, even if they aren’t.
  • memeal (oatmeal)- her favorite breakfast (and any time) food, she enjoys it simply with a little bit of milk, and sometimes a little bit of cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins.
  • yo-ghurt- she really emphasizes the “yo” and I just can’t describe the “ghurt” as it’s just too cute!
  • bicycle- yes, she says bicycle and not bike. That’s how my lady rolls! We got her a cute little trike and she is OBSESSED. If we mention bike or bicycle she practically breaks out into a sweat and chants bicycle- she wants to ride so bad!
To say Charis enjoys TV might be an understatement. Her favorite shows/movies:
  • Happy Feet- I don’t know how many times we have watched Happy Feet, and if I never had to watch it again I would be a happy mama! Random factoid- when Gloria eats the fish that Mumble gives him, the sounds she make are slightly inappropriate for kiddos!
  • Monsters vs Aliens (or Monsters, according to Charis)- Another one I have seen one too many times. Reese Witherspoon as the voice of Ginormica is great, and my favorite line of the movie occurs when the monsters arrive in San Francisco: “It’s warmer than I remember. Did the earth get warmer? That would be a very convenient truth.” Ha! Just makes me laugh.
  • Up- the beginning makes me tear up every time I watch it, so I seldom watch the beginning anymore because I don’t like how sad it is! I think Charis likes this movie for one scene: when the house is in the middle of the thunderstorm and everything starts falling off the walls, Charis begins to laugh uncontrollably and says “That’s funny!” totally loud. What a silly girl.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba- an awesome show that I’m actually happy to watch with her!
  • Icky Mouse (you get it, right?)- she loves the theme song.
That’s about it for now. My ladybug is asleep- precious girl!

Charis Snapshot










Once upon a time, Eric & I were looking at a house to buy. We searched high and low, far and wide. We found some that we were excited about, some that we never thought twice about, and two that had us at hello. We fondly call them “109” and “Highway” as we think about them. Here’s a recap of the past couple months:

  • We look at 109. We fall in love with 109 and even though it’s a short sale and were advised about the pitfalls of short sales, we put an offer in on the house. Knowing that there was another offer on the house yet not knowing how much it was for, we offered 6000 over the asking price. I know, right? But we really liked the house.
  • Over a month goes by without hearing about the house. We continue to look at other houses, because you never know what’s out there, right?
  • Right. We find Highway and, although it was definitely not love at first sight for me, it was love of the potential of the house very quickly. We were pre-approved for the cost (40,000 less than 109!) and there was the possibility of a renovation mortgage to be able to work on the house right away. Offer, counter-offer, counter-offer, counter-offer, accept.
  • We meet with the loan officer and he tells us we actually weren’t approved for the mortgage we were looking to get. We could get approved for another mortgage, yet it’s not near as awesome as the one we were looking at. After crunching the numbers and determining the details, we have lots to think about, as it’s way more than we were expecting.
  • The next day we make the difficult decision to walk away. From both.

We know that the right house is out there, and the right time will come. In the meantime, we’re thankful. For life, for our family, for having a roof over our head, for not having to walk away from a mortgage we can’t pay. As immediate difficulties arise in our lives, I do my best to focus on the bigger picture.

The day we realized this might not work, I found out that one of my good friends from high school had passed away. It was amazing to see the love shared on the online memorial. Stories, memories, pictures, and messages exploded online and it really helped me to look at the big picture easily. Here’s to life, to love, to friends, and family.